As a reformed "pack rat," I know exactly how it feels to live amongst clutter. I was never "disorganized" per se. This is where the cliche "organized chaos" could be mentioned. However, over time, as I began to "adult" in a multitude of ways with a day job, while managing my relationships on top of my personal well being, I became incredibly stressed, depressed and anxious. I had an epiphany one day and decided that I would choose to "live my best with less." I cleansed my wardrobe of unnecessary, barely or never worn clothing, accessories...and This purge trickled into the other rooms of my house and soon everything had a space, and everything was in its place.

I understand not everyone desires to throw out their belongings like I did, but having a place for everything and knowing everything is in its place is very keep to a peaceful, sane home environment. Organizing is therapeutic to me, so I chose to start assisting other in finding their solace at home as well. If you are interested in organizing a specific room, your entire home and even corporate office spaces, I would be glad to help you! Please click the button below to get in contact and say "I want to Breathe Easy!" in the subject line (or something to that effect). I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Your "woo-saa" moment is coming!