Congrats, graduates! Whether you just obtained your college or a professional degree, you have done a great job of investing in yourself, which is awesome. After landing that job, it is time to create a home of which you can be proud, even if only temporary. Here are five essentials for creating a livable space out of the "plain, white box" provided to you on move-in day. 

It doesn't have to be "over the top." Select a bed that fits your style and is comfortable. (Photo Credit:

It doesn't have to be "over the top." Select a bed that fits your style and is comfortable. (Photo Credit:

Tip 1: A Great Bed.

No mattresses on the floor...ever. If you want your bed low to the ground. Get a low platform bed. The struggle is over...and even if it isn't, you need a good mattress and bed to achieve the best sleep in order to perform at an optimum level at work to end the struggle. Get a bed!


Simple room + great window + curtains = Livable! (Photo Credit: All Seasons Home Improvement)

Tip 2: Curtains!

I swear by curtains! The way a space transforms after they are hung is immense! The bland box becomes just a touch "home-ier" and intentional. Whether solid, textured or patterned, be sure your curtains are the correct length (about 6-in. above the window frame to the window sill or to the floor) and width (the width of the window plus 6-8 in.). Prepare for a dramatic change!


Love the idea of layering a large solid area rug with a patterned accent rug. (Photo Credit: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design)

Tip 3: Area Rug

It doesn't matter if you have hardwoods or carpet, an area rug will add an "artful umph" to a space. You want the rug to "fit the room" so be sure to select an appropriate size. Take measurements and do some research on your choice of area rugs and the available sizes. Map it out to make sure it is what you desire.


Notice the gallery wall's mix of art, photography, a clock, mirror, and random objects...get creative! (Photo Credit: The Kid Collective)

Tip 4: ART!

Get some...ok bye...........................JK! :) Art is perfect for a displaying your personality in your home. Whether you choose to sporadically place piece around a room or create a strategically arranged gallery wall, have fun with it! Mix in home decor accessories like plants, mirrors, statues, objets, etc. These little touches breathe life into a space and make it yours.

Celebrity interior designer Kelly Wearstler's home. She used a free-hand brushed stroke to achieve doesn't take much people! ;) (Photo Credit: Celebrity Digs HG)

Tip 5: (if you can) Paint! 

I know I always tell you guys to paint...I'm not sorry :) I mean it! Even if only an accent wall, do something awesome! Stripes, lattice pattern, wallpaper, a mural, your own original creation... the best part is that if you don't like it, you can cover it up / redo it! Just have. FUN.

These tips (minus Tip 5) work for dorms, too! Tell me about your deco experiences and feel free to ask questions! I'll be here with your answers :)

Ttyl, "HOME-ies"!