I want to keep my HOMEies up-to-date with the living room redeco project. Last week, I showed you how it all began with my gorgeous, blue and white striped walls. This week, I want you to show you how I turned an old, wooden picture frame into an antiqued mirror...with a few extra accessories :)

Any wooden accessories or furniture can be repainted to be given a fresh, new look and purpose in your home. For us, it started when my boyfriend bought an old picture with a wooden frame. He wanted a mirror, so he simply got the measurements of the inside of the frame and ordered a cut of mirror glass to replace the picture. Then, reinforced it to keep it from falling apart.

To convert the wooden frame to my choice of color, which was gold, I used the following material and completed the following steps:

  • Plastic floor cover
  • Blue painter's tape
  • Newspaper (or anything to cover the mirror's surface)
  • White Primer
  • Colored Spray Paint

Step 1: Cover and tape off the mirror.

For obvious reasons, I didn't want paint residue on my mirror. I laid newspaper from corner to corner and taped it down all around and in the middle of the surface. You do not want the paper to fly up with the air of a spray paint can. 

Step 2: If the surface is dusty or rough, clean it off and sand it down.

The last thing you want to do is decorate a tarnished surface. The end product (most likely) will not be your ideal result. With a water and liquid detergent, clean off the surface, removing any residue or stains. If the surface is rough, use sand paper to smooth the surface out. Make sure all the grit and dust from the sanding is off the surface once you finish.

Step 3: Prime the frame.

First, OPEN A WINDOW... no brain cell homicide. For a solid color on the finished product, spray your frame with the white primer. Priming the frame ensures the entire surface is starting from the same base. Let dry for 15-30 minutes (or as the spray paint's instructions state).

Step 4: Shake 'n Spray.

Shake the spray can well enough to hear the interior mixing cap rattle on the inside of the can. Follow the instructions on the can and SPRAY PAINT THAT "ISH" GOLD... or the color of your choice (can you tell I love gold, though?) :) Be sure you do not hold the can too close to the surface because this can cause running drips. You want the surface to look smooth. Once the surface is completely dry, flip the mirror over to ensure you evenly cover all sides. The primer should be covered completely. Let it dry fully. 

Step 5: Hang the finished product!

It's that simple! This took me about one and a half hours to complete because I like to give a little extra drying time for reassurance. The finished product looks so good!!

But, then...I got "spray paint happy"...

I took these candle holders I had bought for $5 from a thrift store when I first move to New Orleans and sprayed them gold...

I also took the glass off my coffee table, which I purchase on CraigsList when I moved to NoLa, and spray painted the base gold...

I was going to spray paint my Pomeranian's black crate gold, but my boyfriend stopped me...what can I say?? I was feeling it!! haha!

Let me know what you think and let me know what kind of projects you would like to see in the future! [Almost] anything is possible! I can make a way out of any budget :)

Ttyl, HOMEies!!