Sooooo I randomly decided to redecorate my living room over Memorial Day weekend. I had been talking about it since moving in and I finally mustered up the willpower to get started...then I got the fever... the "redeco" fever. I won't go into all that has transpired since Memorial Day all at once, but here is what happened first. :)


I have been preaching to you all about how much I love color, so you know the first thing I am going to do to this whitewashed space is paint! And you know what? I have been feeling "stripey." I'm going to explain to you, step-by-step, how this white went stripe! 

Materials you'll need:

  • Pencil
  • 1' long Leveler (preferably one with a ruler on the sides)
  • Tape Measurer 
  • Blue painter's tape (pictured below
  • 2+ Paint rollers (large and small)
  • Paint Edger
  • Paint Tray with liners
  • Plastic floor cover
  • Paint can opener
  • Paint Mixing Stick
  • Primer (if your wall isn't already white)
  • PAINT!!

After priming your wall, let it fully dry before continuing. It's safest to wait 4+ hours or overnight for the extra reassurance. Also, if you are using a light and a dark color, it is best to paint the entire wall with the light color and use the following steps for striping the wall, once fully dry.

Step 1: Make a decision, horizontal or vertical.

If you want your space to feel larger / wider, I suggest horizontal lines. If you want to draw the eye up and give the illusion of high-ceilings (a fave of mine), then go vertical, which was my choice. 

Step 2: Scale it out.

There are a couple of questions to ask here: 

a) What colors to you want to begin and end with? 

Since I was only painting the living room portion of the wall I wanted to define the space by beginning and ending the pattern on the same color. Take your tape measurer and measure the extent of the wall which you intend to paint. Notate that measurement.

b) How many lines do you want to have?

If you are using two colors and you want to end on opposite colors, map out an even amount of stripes. If you want to begin and end on the same color, do an odd amount. You will surely have to play with the spacing of the stripes, which is why you are using a pencil to lightly sketch it out. 

c) How wide do you want your lines to be?

Aesthetically speaking, your lines should be between 4" and 12" wide.  A width of less than 4" would be too narrow and busy (#vertigo); more than 12", too wide and heavy. 

Now that you have answered those questions, take your leveler and measure out the width of the stripes, making a mark for each space. Be sure the bubble is centered for each of your lines. This will ensure straight, evenly balanced lines. Next, draw your lines out completely with the pencil and tape them off with the painter's tape, being careful to line the areas that you want to paint with the tape.

Step 3: Get rollin'! 

Open your windows. No paint fume highs please...focus :) Place the paint liner in your paint tray and pour in the paint. Roll the paint roller in the tray so the roller is fully covered, but not dripping. You don't want a mess. Roll on the stripes with long, smooth, even strokes. Repeat for all stripes. Let is dry for 4+ hours. After it is dry, if you see splotchiness in color in some areas, you may want to do a second coat. 

Stripes on Stripes!! I'm in love with my living room...but I'm only getting started *insert evil laugh* (^v^)

Step 4: The BIG Reveal...Remove the tape!

You will get excited once you've finished painting and the tape is still on. Wait about an hour to remove the tape after your final coat. Carefully, pull the tape off, being sure to not mess up the paint lines. 

Then you did it! Enjoy your finished striped wall!! 

Here are some of my favorite striped interiors to boost your imagination and creativity! Remember, it is possible to live stylishly on a budget. This project is less than $100! It just take a little effort...but so does life ;)

Let me know your thoughts! TTYL, "HOMEies"