The best act of love towards yourself is achieving full balance in your life. I promise you will be so happy and at peace that you will become much more grateful in every moment of life.

When I first graduated college I was home for all of two weeks before going to Atlanta for job training and moving fully to New Orleans. During my intensive training, I stayed up many nights just thinking to myself, “How are you going to manage your life?” I kept thinking about my family, my childhood friends, college friends, the future, my goals, and somewhat of a love life… it all got so overwhelming that I just broke down crying in the middle of the night. I am such a control freak that not knowing for sure what the future held was giving me a nervous breakdown!

In a moment of divine clarity, I thought back to something I read in one of my favorite books (and movies), Eat Pray Love. One finds balance at the intersection of heart, mind, body, and spirit/soul.  I began to write out all the things that were important for me to do on a regular basis to maintain my balance in each of these. I was sure to list an even amount of tasks under each element…too much attention to one throws off balance in the others. Below, I have shared my balance card and I have also provided a “worksheet” for you to complete on your own. Feel free to use my balance card as a guide, but please be sure your card is all about youNamaste!