Roll with me here.

I’m currently on a 90-day reading plan for the Bible and I had an epiphany. I claim to be a Christian and have been for 15 years. I was active in church while growing up and attended a Christian school from 5th through 12th grade. I took Bible classes every year and know many stories and Biblical concepts, inside and out.

But why am I just recently making the effort to read the entire Bible?

I’ve been trying ever since I graduated from college (re. my “freshman year of life” hit me hard and I needed HELP), but I fell off multiple times. I love reading and am constantly looking for new books to consume, so that’s not the issue. I own four Bibles and have had them for years, yet still haven’t completed one. I’ve looked to so many other “self-help” books and read them cover to cover, some multiple times, but haven’t read the entire BibleONCE. Why is that?

I’ve treated the Bible like a reference book instead of a complete body of work.

Can you blame me? Well, yea, you can lol. I have to take responsibility and ownership of my spiritual walk and actively seek God’s guidance through prayer, worship, fellowship, and reading Scripture. I know I learned the concept of “referencing” the Bible from churches and school, but these institutions can’t go through the entire book for me and be effective with the amount of time allotted in a class period, on Sunday and/or the respective Bible study days. I have to do my own reading, not just referencing.

As a result of this “awakening,” I’m in the book of Job and I can tell you that the Bible is the all-time best selling book for a legitimate reason. It is a drama, historical, action/adventure, Sci-fi-like, Drama, comedy, “come-of-age,” romance, DRama, self-help, poetic, biographical, DRAma, futuristic, war, spiritual, DRAMa, thriller, horror, health, DRAMATIC EPIC body of work! Did I say drama? I’m convinced Shonda is inspired by it and I’ve heard Game of Thrones has some pretty strong alignments as well.

So basically, this is my book referral lol It’s pretty good ‪#‎understatement‬.

In addition, I should also say that there are parts of the Bible where I have to make a note of questions and seek insight from someone more knowledgable who is also down-to-earth (no “holier than thou” types for me). I am still in the Old Testament, so I know a lot of the early practices and rules are nullified because of happenings in the New Testament, but there are parts of the Bible that I, in all honesty, really would love to have a sit down conversation with God about the reasoning because I can’t help but think, “Now was that really necessary?” But this is because I am human and my understanding is limited. I am comfortable knowing that I will not get answers to all my questions, which I also understand is a hard concept for many to grasp.

I have a few follow up topics I could expound upon right now, but I’ll wait for a future post :)

In closing, no one is perfect. At the end of the day, my job is to do my best (meaning put forth a genuine effort) to grow as a Christian with the Holy Spirit as my guide, spread God’s love and help those is need like Jesus did. Step 1 in my growth: be disciplined enough to read the Bible, cover to cover.

Just being candid. Maybe this will help someone.

Y’all be great!

~ Jas

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