*ZERO SPOILERS…that would be disrespectful to the BeyHive*

Bey, don’t fret. I promise this will be good. Stay with me, Jay.

Bey, don’t fret. I promise this will be good. Stay with me, Jay.

Leading up to the show, I rebuked each social media algorithm that consistently put tour reviews and videos on my timeline, and I refuse to be a part of the problem after attending the concert in Atlanta. Just know, she has conquered already, but still saw us worthy and came all of the way through! lol

During the show, she reminded everyone that God is real and when you are down all you need is yourself and Him. I can appreciate the polarity between this statement and the content on LEMONADE. One’s faith or religious beliefs does not exempt or discount the very real, human emotions one goes through during life’s trials. No one is perfect, right?

There are A LOT of critics saying that they don’t like how Beyonce is opening up or showing too much of her life or “what kind of message is she sending to women?”…alluhdat. I also understand that many were cool with LEMONADE right up to “Daddy Lessons”; some couldn’t get past the “Bayou American” rhythms (a combo of jazz, blues and country…yep…I made that up, but it makes sense), while others may have gotten lost at “Love Drought.” The songs after this are KEY in understanding the album. The ability to objectively interpret lyrical progression is very key to comprehending this entire album (among many others of course).

I always tell myself and my friends, “Allow yourself to feel your emotions.”

Cry. Scream. Yell. Curse if you have to. Just. Get. It. Out. It is therapeutic and necessary to a healthy healing process. Women, especially us religious ones, often worry about how we portray ourselves in society. It is not a bad thing to want to be seen in a positive light and/or be a role model…but we, and others, need to accept that we DO NOT have it all together, 100% of the time.

I am a Christian who gets mad, sad, annoyed, disgustingly shocked, overjoyed, exhausted, content, and tired (I just realized how few positive emotions there are that don’t all mean the same thing…that’s a blog right there lol). LEMONADE taps into all of these human emotions. As a human who has been shocked by being unnecessarily wronged (“Hold Up”), I have had the desire to destroy a car or home or two (“Don’t Hurt Yourself”); however, as someone with a conscience (“Sandcastles”), that did not happen.

Beyonce really is all about uplifting women… that is the base of her life’s passion. I respect her vulnerability on this album. If you haven’t seen her documentary “Life is but a Dream,” I strongly encourage you to watch it, especially for BeyHive who say they don’t like the new album; or people who feel like she “on another level,” incapable of human experience. Just a reminder that her life’s work is just that…HER’S…our benefit or relation to it is auxiliary…a perk. And along with every other judgmental, negative critic of our lives who don’t take the time to understand who we are and what we are about, they can move…where? You guessed it! To the LEFT👈🏽, to the LEFT! 👈🏽🏃🏽



Just to be clear the following list includes, but is not limited to, folks needing to go West:

  • “I don’t like LEMONADE because…Beyonce” — don’t let the messenger keep you from hearing the message. Don’t block your blessings. Also, jumping on social media to air negative/unpopular opinions on trivial matters such as an album release do nothing but continue to promote the album and the person. The best solution would be to either get on board or not saying anything at all. Don’t contribute to your problem (I say your because it is certainly not mine or the majority’s).
  • Men telling women not to “end up single” after listening to LEMONADE— you may be the very men we need to depart from seeing how you want to dictate to women how to feel about our experiences and this message that was not for you.
  • Anyone saying LEMONADE was “too sad” and you wanted more up-beat music from Beyonce — it’s not all sunshine and roses for most of us; and sometimes we just need to acknowledge our pain in order to grow through it…hence LEMONADE #Sorry #IAintSorry…pun intended.
  • Anyone who puts Beyonce above human experience — 1) She is not God. She is human. 2) Look up the word “empathy” and get back to me on that. If people from different backgrounds did not empathize with others, there would be ZERO charities in this world. Also, douche/jerk/disrespectful male tendencies flow rampantly across all socioeconomic statuses…no one is immune. (before men attack me about women being capable of the same things as men, yes I am aware, but thank you for wanting to make sure I knew. Muchas gracias).
  • Anyone saying that Beyonce is perpetuating violence between women and not holding men accountable for their actions — I could somewhatunderstand this, IF the entire album wasn’t about this man’s wrongdoings and her reactions to it (i.e., packing her bags, taking their child and leaving along with self-evaluation, forgiveness and reformation/revitalization). This point is specifically referenced with one, singular portion of the visual album that expressed graphic imagery of harming the mistress and “becoming” her (fast forward to 10:35 on the visual album). Here is my interpretation of this portion: the mistress is guilty because she knew what she was doing when she approached Beyonce’s man (re: Jay-Z). It is no secret that they have been together for over a decade, are married and have a child together. The mistress was not led to believe he was “single,” so the mistress is at fault for her lack of respect (and self-worth) to have an affair with a married man. Therefore, the wife (Bey) would be mad, rightfully, at both parties. I do not condone violence, but I understand the mental state conveyed at this point of the album. The key point that needs to be driven home here is that what was said never happened. Once again, expressing the thought or emotion, does not definitively create the action.

I could go on, but this is a good stopping point. I’ll close this article the way LEMONADE closes:

“You know you that ….. when you cause ALL this conversation. Always stay gracious. The best revenge is your paper.”

*sips an Arnold Palmer because “the tea” and #LEMONADE combo is my favorite* 🐝🍋👯



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