“I think we need to rethink how we frame privilege.” A message from Janaya Khan (@janayaforthefuture) 🙌🏽.

With this notion, I also think we need to reframe the concept of voting being a “personal decision.” It is not. Your vote (or lack of voting) effects us all. I often hear folks voting based off one or two issues: gun regulation, a woman’s right to choose, healthcare, immigration, taxes, etc. But often the vote is for something that does not affect their personal way of life. Can your vote improve someone’s quality of life, while not being a complete detriment to yours? That is usually the case.

Someone terminating a pregnancy doesn’t harm your uterus.

Improving background+mental health checks, banning certain types of guns & limiting access to guns doesn’t take guns from law-abiding, mentally stable citizens.

Everyone in this country besides the Indigenous & Black folks are immigrants (Slaves didn’t “immigrate”; I’d also argue that LatinX ARE actually Indigenous to America the Continent, but that’s a totally separate discussion). 

#Obamacare is working for the majority of those who have it, but there is room for improvement. Health insurers and pharmaceutical companies NEED regulation to prevent the continuing trend of overcharging for medicine & people with pre-existing conditions.

As for taxes, I view them the same as my tithe. I am taxed according to the financial level I have achieved as a U.S. citizen and, like my tithe, I choose to believe it is going toward improvement. When, Lord willing, my 💰 increases, so will my tithe & tax. That is the cost of privilege (& me wanting God in my money).

So here’s the proposition:

Vote so people have the freedom to CHOOSE how to live their life, so they can tap into their highest positive capabilities, while having a minimal negative impact on others. Voting is not personal. It is for the GREATER GOOD. It should be more selfless than selfish. With that said, make sure you are registered to vote by visiting vote.org, vote early this week or next week on Nov. 6. It takes US ALL. #Vote.

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