I am grateful for...

1. God never letting me go, even when I momentarily let Him go.

2. #SaintJules, my mother, my confidante for the life she lived in her past that taught me so much about the present and future.

3. My Daddy for always having an encouraging word, rapping the 15-minute version of "Rappers' Delight" with me and passing on his cool on to me. 

4. My younger brother MKG for surpassing my cool (therefore our dad's cool) and keeping the whole family on our toes with his creativity and curious personality.

5. My extended family in Maryland, DC and Welch, WV that love and support me through the distance; the line dancing and karaokee performances complete with beatboxing and air guitars; the storytelling and pointless arguments that pick up right where we left off whenever we are together. 

6. My best girlfriends who inspire, motivate and keep me grounded... and listen to my fits :) 

7. My best guyfriends who challenge my perspective, break guy code for me and are willing to protect me like the older brothers I never had.

8. North Carolina A&T State University for instilling pride in my biological history, school culture and responsibility to those who will come behind me. 

9. My students and mentees for teaching me just as much as I have taught you and for being a guiding light to my life's purpose.

10. My mentors who have poured their wisdom into me (and connections into my phone contacts) and for being the voice of clarity in my whirlwind of ideas.

I am grateful for all my experiences, the people who contribute to them and lessons learned from them. 

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