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I came up because God came through 🙌🏽

I’ve been in the home building, design & decor industries since I arrived in ATL six years ago. I went from being one of the best paid, first-year teachers in New Orleans to a 3-month UNPAID internship where I hustled for the only paid contractor position. I was promoted and later transitioned to my first salaried PR position in the industry. I later jumped into tech PR and drowned. I never knew a failure so tough to swallow. I continued freelancing until I decided to try in-house PR for the first time at a home accessories company - back to my bread and butter.

Well, two years later, God brought me to the top company of my industry. I’ve applied to THD at least 5 times in my 6 years in Atlanta. As a 5 year old girl, I would tell my parents I worked at the lumber yard on Rt 301 in Maryland😅. I used to help my mom decorate our house as well as friends’ and family members’ homes. I redesigned my bedroom - paint, decor and all - for fun lol. God is funny in how He brings things full circle.

This journey has been amazing and He is so so good. I made the mistake of positioning my job as my source, when it is just a REsource. God is my source! When I got that order correct, the peace He brought over me and the ways I SAW and felt Him work became amazingly clear. We can talk in detail offline 😁 Just know, He’s working modern day miracles alluhduhtime! I’m a witness and testimony! 🙌🏽