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Five Items that Every Man Needs at Home

You finally decided to transform your “bachelor pad” into a true gentleman’s retreat! Yay! So proud of you! :) Here are a few key items to add to your space to make it work for you…and your guest(s)! ;)

Photo Credit: Nick Johnson

1.     A Place to Sit & Eat

…that is not a coffee table! The “eating at the coffee table” lifestyle is tolerable (at best) when you are in college. Now that you are in the real world, it is time to get a dining table…withchairs. Add a little decoration to the dining table with a nice centerpiece. If flowers aren’t your thing or it’s too feminine, find a nice tabletop sculpture to accent the space. Just make sure it is not so tall that it blocks your view when sitting down.

2.     Something Else in the Room with your TV.

Technology is getting smaller and smaller, so it’s safe to say “good-bye” to displaying huge sound systems or speakers. There are a number of ways to add life to your TV area.  For example, a well-developed library shows that you’re well-read and gives the feeling that you’re well-traveled as well (Gotta love intellect!).  Mixed with the books, you may want to add photography, art and childhood memorabilia (just don’t’ get carried away…remember tip #4 from this article.)

3.     Seating that is not a Sectional.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Felicella

This goes along with your TV room.  When I think of a bachelor pad, I automatically picture a sectional. Break out of the mold with a combination of a sofa, chairs and an ottoman. There is more freedom of styling in these options, so have fun with it!

4.     A Bathroom that is Your Sanctuary.

Men have just as much claim to the bathroom as women do. After a long day at work, you may actually want to come home to peace and serenity. Even if you cannot structurally customize your bathroom, a simple shower bench to sit and decompress in the hot water may just be enough. How about a well-placed mirror and plush bathmat for the perfect shaving area? It really does come down to the little things that, unknowingly, make a big difference.

5.  A Risk

Don’t be blasé. Men tend to be entirely too practical when selecting furniture. Step outside your design comfort zone and be bold, whether it’s wall art, funky furniture or awesome colors… do it up stylishly! Is bold necessary? Nope, but when you do take the risk, it usually winds up being your favorite traits of your space. 

Photo Credit: Jacob Snavely