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Closet Addict...Not That Kind!


Closet Addict...Not That Kind!

Have you ever been in a really nice clothing store's dressing room and thought, "This is niiice!" Well, you can bring that look home in small, inexpensive ways! 

Find Your Style

Remember last week's article on design styles? Yeah! Continue your design style from your bedroom and bathroom into your closet decor by choosing complimentary colors in paint, art and accessories. Maintaining a flow with style will allow a seamless transition between spaces and create a connected feeling from room to room. If your bedroom has contemporary finishes, keep your closet's decor in the same design family.

Light It Up

Task lighting is essential in closets, but that doesn't mean it can't be decorative. Hang sconces, pendants or track lighting to illuminate your walk-in or add baseboard lights to display shoes and boots on the floor. Use light bulbs that emulate natural daylight to see clothing and shoes in their truest colors. Hang mirrors to reflect light and to add an open concept feeling.


Honestly, this is probably the easiest paint job for your home. Think about it, it is probably the smallest room in your entire place…and lucky you if it’s not! You can paint your closet any color you feel. Go dark for a high-class, luxury look. Stay light and airy with a pastel or bright, refreshing white. Either way, don’t overlook the closet for a paint job, just because it’s the smallest space...don’t be afraid of wallpaper either!

Use Your Clothes as Decoration!

Unless you have enclosed cabinetry (which would be the easy, chic route), there will be no hiding your clothes in your closet. Therefore, the way they are displayed is crucial to the overall look of the space. I suggest either of these two options: 1) organize by color or 2) organize by item.  If your closet’s paint color of choice is white (or that's the color your apartment stuck you with and your aren’t changing it ;), then I suggest the color coordination. It makes the space seem more thoughtfully planned. If you are down for a colored closet, then you may go either route, but organizing by item may keep your closet from looking like there is “too much going on.” Be sure there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.

What are your concerns or questions about decorating your closet? Let's solve them so you can get to work! :)



Three Tips for Small Space Design

So you are just starting life on your own. Whether living in a college dorm or your first apartment with more roommates than you truly desire, creating a space of your own will help you unwind after a long day of classes or steadily (but surely) climbing the corporate ladder. Let’s us know you thoughts in comments!

Photo Credit: Thomas Loof

Rule #1: No clutter!

You literally do not have space for it. Utilize clever storage that keeps items hidden from sight or invest in multifunctional furniture that can double as storage. Organization is key!

Photo Credit: HGTV

Rule #2: Bring on the color!

A common misconception in small space design is that you cannot use bold colors. Well, I would not advise you to splash your favorite neon colors everywhere, however, I absolutely adore colors. As for small spaces, you will want to use them in moderation, especially if you want to incorporate a plethora of color combinations. Try an accent wall or one bold piece of large furniture if you want a dramatic effect or bring in the colors subtly in textiles, fixtures and décor accessories. BUT remember rule #1 – no clutter!

Photo Credit: Freshome

Rule #3: Let in the natural light.

Natural light will be your best friend in small space living. The light will illuminate to give an illusion of more square footage. If your home has limited natural light, you want light enhancing curtains to block sight lines through your window, but not the sunshine. Also, another trick is to mount mirrors opposite the windows to reflect the light and to provide the semblance of more open space.

These few tips, when applied thoughtfully, will enhance your small domain into your comfortable palace.