16 Personalities

The 16 Personalities test provides a digestible breakdown of your personality type via concise descriptions, visual aids and characterization of your results.

Fun Fact: I am ENFJ-A, “The Protagonist.” If you take the test, tweet/tag me and 16 Personalities on Twitter & IG, sharing your results!

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More commonly known for its best selling book StrengthsFinders, the Gallup Strengths Center offers “the science of maximizing human potential by developing people to become great at what they’re naturally good at.” After taking the test, your results will reflect your top five strengths of the 34 “CliftonStrengths” themes.

Of my top five strengths, three classify as “Strategic Thinking” (Learner, Input & Intellection) and the remaining two categorize as “Influencing” (Command & Activator). If you go read the descriptions, let me know how “on brand” is this Resource page?? LOL